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Frequently Asked Questions

What happened to SubVentory, SubTemp, and SubOps?

Some ZippyYum apps are re-branded for specific franchises. SubVentory and SubOps are the same general applications as GoVentory and GoOps. They are just re-branded and customized under different product names for SUBWAY franchisees.

GoTemp, however, is the rebranded name for what was originally called SubTemp. GoTemp will remain to be our temperature solution product’s name for both SUBWAY franchisees and other brands.

How do I get the app?

If you are a SUBWAY franchisee, please visit our SUBWAY-specific website for download and ordering links.

If you are not a SUBWAY franchisee and  ZippyYum apps are not yet available for your brand, please get in touch with us to get started and for more information. We would love to work with you and custom tailor our solutions for your needs since ZippyYum apps are customized for each brand and franchise.

How do I get a thermometer and GoLabel printer?

GoTemp and GoOps are both paired with their corresponding hardware counterparts (GoTemp Thermometer and GoLabel printer). Hardware can be purchased through your brand's franchisee portal or directly from ZippyYum.

Is there a monthly fee?

Pricing schedules will vary from brand to brand and product to product, since all ZippyYum apps are customized for each restaurant.

In some cases fees are covered by Franchisor headquarters and in some cases fees are paid directly on a monthly or annual basis directly by franchisees.

Why is there a monthly fee?

Unlike many other solutions, ZippyYum products are not a one-and-done project. The ZippyYum team works tirelessly to continuously update products, lot codes, suppliers, and integrate more features into our apps.

Monthly fees cover our ongoing maintenance and curated materials which we push directly into the apps free of charge with each update. Not to mention our support is always free of charge. Monthly fees also cover your cloud storage, which is used in a variety of different ways to keep your inventory, temperature log, and operations data safe and secure.

What type of device do I need?

All ZippyYum apps are compatible with iOS and Android devices. GoVentory and GoTemp can run on a mobile phone or a tablet, while GoOps requires a tablet.

Ideally, we always recommend the purchase of one of each device, a mobile phone for taking inventory and temperatures and a tablet which remains on a stand in your prepping area in the back of the restaurant.

When will GoOps and GoEnergy be available?

GoOps will be publicly released in November of 2017 while GoEnergy will be available in early 2018.

Does the bracket fit any device?

Yes. GoTemp ships with several different bracket sizes including an adjustable bracket for larger phones or phones with cases. If you'd like to mount GoTemp on a tablet, a larger, tablet-size mount is available for purchase separately.

What type of labels does GoLabel use?

GoLabel is compatible with any 2" by 2" label. You can continue using your preferred label type whether its a standard white label or a high-end dissolvable label.

What type of phone or tablet do you recommend?

If you're looking for a quick, reliable, and cheaper option for GoVentory and GoTemp, we recommend purchasing an iPod touch. These devices don't have phone connectivity, but still run efficiently enough to reliably run our apps.

Where do I get a tablet stand?

While we currently don't offer a tablet stand for GoOps, there are many available online and in stores for a very reasonable cost. If you are concerned about theft or tampering of your tablet, we recommend a locking stand which can be secured to the wall or prepping table.