Existing Brands

Are other locations from your brand or company already using ZippyYum products?

For help getting started with a new location if your brand or company is already an existing customer, select this option to get help from our 24/7 support team.

We’ll help with purchasing hardware, setting up a subscription, providing training materials, or other questions you might have.

New Brands

Is your brand or company completely new to the ZippyYum solution? Select this option to get more information about our process for new customers.

Our commercial & sales team will be happy to assist during regular business hours. We’ll start by collecting some important details on the next page.

We’ll help find the right ZippyYum solution tailored to your needs, set up a demo, and onboard your brand.

This option is not for support requests. Please select the option under “Existing Brands” if you need help getting set up.